Coprophagia (Appetizer Mix)

by SuiTried

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Originally available on the Digital Recovery compilation for hurricane Sandy relief.


Lick yer lips; lick yer fingers
Slop that shit across yer cheek
Praise the Lord yer memory lingers
Little more than just a week

Feces fly in ones and zeroes
Through that cabled sewer line
Rest assured your media heroes
Will cast no pearls before such swine

Open wide
Swallow whole

Take a whiff; take the air
Catch the scent of anal mucus
You yourself provide defrayal
The silver to this modern Judas


On yer knees you mindless slut
Grab hard that spewing ass
Jam yer tongue up in the rut and
Join the new consumer class

With yer head back; with yer eyes closed
You lap that rectal drivel
Gulp it down you stupid shit
You throbbing piece of gristle

Open wide
Swallow whole



released 18 November 2012
David Brown of False Icons on bass.



all rights reserved


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